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Blue Gummie Gelato – 1 OZ

Blue Gummie Gelato (Gummiez x Blue Gelato)

This is a Colab cross between Compound and Cookies. We don’t know if this will make it on the shelves of cookies as the yield was not high enough for commercial cultivation facilities. So we aren’t sure if this will ever be seen again. Get while the getting is good.

1 review for Blue Gummie Gelato

  1. David Epochalypse (verified owner)

    Fucking wow.

    It’s too bad that this cultivar isn’t going to be released. Bodhi or Berner, or someone else at Cookies or Compound, if you’re listening, please at least make seeds of this shit. It’s amazing.

    It’s got incredible trichome coverage that isn’t really that apparent from the pictures, but good goddamn do these buds sparkle. They have some of the best bag appeal I’ve seen in awhile, as well as a tropical fruit forward scent from the Peach Ringz in the Gummiez & the Blueberry in the Blue Gelato. I don’t know which Blue Gelato they used. Whether it was the Barney’s version, or one of the many other versions, most of which were bred not with Gelato, but with Blueberry, Thin Mint GSC, & Sunset Sherbert. A few breeders made Blue Gelato with Blueberry x Gelato 41, & there’s at least one version made with Blue Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC, but whatever Blue Gelato genetics were used to make this strain definitely contained Blueberry.

    It’s strange, but for a strain with both Jet Fuel Gelato & Blue Gelato in its genetics, the Gelato takes a backseat, both in effects & the terpenes. It’s the Peach Ringz & Blueberry that are most apparent in the terps, as well as the effects. I’d smoke this during the day for sure. And while its terps are reminiscent of the fruit strains in its genetics, it smells totally unique. The smell & effects are actually really similar to the Rhubarb Pie, the original name of Compund’s Peach Ringz x Jet Fuel Gelato.

    I’m not sure when Compound changed their Peach Ringz x Jet Fuel Gelato strain name to Gummiez, although Rhubarb Pie was bred by Jeff Wyeast when he was still the breeder of Compound’s genetics, so maybe Gummiez is the post-Wyeast remix version after the original incarnation of Compound Genetics imploded & Jeff went his own way to launch Wyeast Farms.

    Capulator bred the Legend Orange Apricot F2, the male which was used in the first Compound line. And Crane City bred Jet Fuel Gelato, the phenomenal reversed female that Jeff Wyeast used to breed the original Compound’s second line, including the most renowned strains which put Compound Genetics on the map & which Jeff used to breed his original Wyeast Farm lineup after Compound broke up, before being resurrected a year or two later with much higher seed prices & a close relationship with Cookies. Wyeast used the Horchata (Guava Gelato x Jet Fuel Gelato) for one of his best lines, & then second incarnation of Compound used the Grape Gas Genetics (Grape Pie x Jet Fuel Gelato) for an entire line. And IMHO those weren’t even the best releases from the extensive Jet Fuel Gelato lineup. Although they were both among the top cultivars released by the first Compound.

    The original Compound also dropped a line with a reversed Açaí Berry Gelato as well, but those seeds were mostly only sold at local, in person events on the West Coast, & only a few packs ever made it to seedbanks. But whatever. I don’t know why I’m talking history.

    Blue Gummie Gelato is fucking incredible. It’s effects, it’s appearance & overall bag appeal, it’s terpene profile, & did I mention its effects? They’re incredible. I don’t know why this isn’t being released. It’s beyond connoisseur quality so the fact that the plants don’t have a commercial yield doesn’t seem like a good reason to abandon it. It’s better than Gummiez, & that’s saying a lot, since Gummiez is a really nice smoke.

    At the time I’m writing this review, there’s 5 more ounces left. I highly recommend grabbing one. I might have to grab another if it’s truly my only opportunity to get the strain, but I want more people to be able to enjoy what is easily one of the best strains Pack Trapper has made available since launching in late August. The original Gelonade, the Super Silver Haze, Zerbert, Trop. Cherry, the Lemon & Watermelon Runtz, & by far the best Gelatti I’ve ever had, have been the best buds Pack Trapper has dropped IMHO. I’ve ordered most of the herb they’ve made available, & can say the above with confidence. The Cherry AK-47 was really excellent as well, although it’s unfortunately a bit harsh.

    But the Blue Gummie Gelato is easily one of the best strains I’ve nabbed from them. It’s mind boggling that Berner & Bodhi & whoever is running Compound these days would decide that these glorious buds aren’t worth at least a seed release.

    Anyway this shit is pure frost fire . I would like to officially petition Cookies & Compound to release seeds of this glorious, sparkling, tropical fruit phenomenon.

    Don’t sleep. I’m giving all you Pack Trappers a few days to see for yourself just how dank this herb is. And if you agree with me, please add your voice to mine, so the deciders at Cookies & Compound know to produce more of this amazing cannabis, & especially to release seeds. It’s ok if it’s not a heavy producer if the bud is this goddamned amazing. If there’s any left after this weekend, I’m probably going to grab it all. Fair warning.

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