Cochino – Jungle Boys

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Cochino (Mike Larry x Motor Breath)

Bred and grown by Jungle Boys

2 reviews for Cochino – Jungle Boys

  1. Skip (verified owner)

    Excellent in every way possible. Checks all the boxes folks. A definite winner.

  2. David Epochalypse (verified owner)

    Really precisely weighed out bags. It’s not the best Motor Breath cross I’ve had, but it’s good & well grown. The Mike Larry is actually a pretty nice flower. Better than I expected it to be. I’m not sure why. I’ve got so much love for the old school cut of Lemon Larry OG. So delicious. My favorite part of the OG isolated & right upfront, & far less earthy. The HA-OG cut appeared around the same time. I fucking love that shit. Genuine, well cultivated, Hells Angels OG is a truly well bred plant. I was living in LA when only the 4th & 5th named OG Kush strains appeared, right around the same time, out of Orange County, in late 2005-early 2006. Before that there was just OG Kush. The Gasoline fuming, Lemon Pinesol reeking, Indescribably delicious, Earthy phenomenon. At the height of its popularity from 2003-2006, a really well grown batch could sell for $120-$160 an eighth at one of the 1000+ dispensaries LA had back then, in the city alone. Man those were some amazing days for cannabis. Within a few years there’d be hundreds of different plants, with totally divergent genetics & mostly unrelated breeders, all rocking the OG appellation. And while, say, HA-OG, Legend OG, Ghost OG, Banana OG, King Louis XIII OG, Lost Coast OG, Tahoe OG, etc. have little in common with the original OG Kush, they’re all dank as hell in their own rights. Both the Mike Larry & Motor Breath #15 are descended from original Chemdawg genetics, via OG Kush, that have passed that gasoline funk on down for Kush lovers everywhere, whatever other terps come with them. There’s been plenty of OGs that bear very little resemblance to OG Kush whatsoever, then there’s been a few strains, like certain phenos of Kosher Kush, & Holy Grail Kush that have terpene profiles that actually do come pretty damned close to what I recall really nice OG Kush tasting and smelling like.

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