Forbidden 1g Nano Disposable – Green Crack

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1g Disposable Vape

1 review for Forbidden 1g Nano Disposable – Green Crack

  1. epochalypse (verified owner)

    Delicious disposables across the entire Forbidden brand. The Green Crack, Maui Wowie, Forbidden Fruit, Dosido, Diablo OG, & Berry Runtz are all superior quality extracts, delivered via a filter full of microscopic holes, that cause the incoming smoke to be separated into nanoscale sized particles, many of which reach the alveoli on the lungs’ inner surface still in nanoscopic sizes, & are thus absorbed into the bloodstream virtually instantly, & quite literally as quickly as physically possible, by the second fastest & second most efficient route that exists for introducing a foreign substance into the bloodstream & thus directly into the brain.

    These are excellent disposable cartridges & would be just as excellent in a non-disposable cartridge. Excellently priced & among the best cartridges I’ve had.

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