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Gelonade 1 OZ

(Lemon Tree x Gelato 41)

Bred and cultivated by Connected California

2 reviews for Gelonade

  1. David Epochalypse (verified owner)

    Technically, this isn’t the bomb original Gelonade cut that has been passed around since last year. It’s “Gelonade,” in a sense, but it’s not the same as the Gelonade that has been gaining momentum as one of the best recently bred cultivars. Totally different effect. Totally different terps. The Gelonade clone that was bred in either late 2020 or early 2021, & passed around among a tightly knit circle of the best growers & breeders in the western United States is Gelato 41 x Las Vegas Lemon Skunk, & has an incredible terpene profile that is almost perfectly balanced between her two parents, with a very lemon skunk forward terpene profile and phenomenal mental effects that have given it a very well deserved reputation as an excellent daytime smoke without any couch lock. While it wasn’t released in seed form, European breeder Tastebudz made seeds according to the original recipe, & they’re pretty damned close to the clone only cut. It’s unfortunate that the original breeder bred the clone without making it available in seed form, but for now, the Tastebudz version is close enough. Gelonade was one of the first zips I ordered from Pack Trapper & that was definitely the original clone only version. Don’t get me wrong, this bud is dank. It’s got powerful gas terps, & an indica heavy effect that one would expect from such gassy buds. The Lemon Tree doesn’t come through at all in the terps. It smells like Bacio Gelato crossed with a gas heavy OG Kush. The buds are quite handsome, although they’re darker & more purple than the real Gelonade. IMHO Connected California should have given this a different name. It’s a totally different plant, & doesn’t even resemble the Gelonade that’s growing in popularity more & more with each passing day. It’s 5 star bud. But I had to take a star off since it’s not what I was expecting. I knew it would be different since I could see that it was bred with Lemon Tree & not Lemon Skunk, but somehow the Lemon that’s implied in the “onade” part of the name is nowhere to be found. I wasn’t expecting a totally different scent & vastly different effects. If you love gas, and love indicas, then you’ll enjoy this Gelonade knockoff. But if that is what you’re looking for, there’s better options available on Pack Trapper. I wouldn’t ever even think this was supposed to be Gelonade if I grabbed it blind. I wish the description had made this more clear. Find a European seedbank, or somewhere stateside with the Tastebudz seeds, as the clone only Gelonade that’s become so popular is being held pretty damn tightly by the folks who have it, & is really hard to get your paws on.

  2. Johnny Blaze

    kushy,lemony, dank.

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