Lemon Cherry Truffle

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1 oz of Flower

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(Lemon Cherry Gelato x White Truffles)

Unreleased Cross from Tiki Madman!
Smells like cherry gas. Extremely sticky.
Beautiful nug structure.

1 review for Lemon Cherry Truffle

  1. epochalypse (verified owner)

    Stinks in the best possible way, with strong Lemon and Cherry scents easily discernible from the flower. Much stinkier than Lemon Cherry Gelato, & despite the heaviness of the genetics, she has a fairly head leaning high with less of a body stone than LCG oddly. Sort of like Light of Jah has a much more heady high than Jack Herer despite genetically being (Jack Herer x Heirloom Afghani landrace indica). A good example of an indica heavy cultivar with a late afternoon / early evening vibe to her high. She could be enjoyed earlier in the day, but she’s not entirely without slightly heavy, relaxing body effects. No ceiling and no couchlock.

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