Lions Breath Cartridge – Fruity Pebbles

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Lions Breath Cartridge- Fruity Pebbles

1100 Mg per Cartridge distilled from flower.

This cartridge is compatible with all C Cell batteries.


1 review for Lions Breath Cartridge – Fruity Pebbles

  1. David Epochalypse (verified owner)

    Bomb tasting FPOG carts. Tastes phenomenally like the rare cereal cut. These carts are delicious to me, but I know precious little about west coast carts. Carts in DC taste like crap, whether they’re rosin, Supercritical CO2 with terps added back in, etc., they’re required to be organic like all medical grade Cannabis products in DC, and thus, for whatever reason, they’re really disappointing. They tend to taste similar despite the strain, & taste burnt after using them only a few times. I don’t know why or what the difference is, but I assume it has someone to do with the extraction process itself and the superiority of using solvents. Whatever the reason, these carts taste incredible compared to local carts. I’m sure there’s probably plenty out west that are even better, but here, these are an amazing deal. Especially when you consider that at a DC medical dispensary, 500mg carts are $50-$60, & these 1100mg carts are only $35.

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