PolkaDot Lucky Charms Mushroom Belgian Chocolate Bar


1 Mushroom Chocolate Bar

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Throw it back to childhood with the Lucky Charms Mushroom Chocolate Bar from PolkaDot. The flavor is spot on and so are the benefits. Crafted with a unique blend of psilocybin mushrooms and Belgian chocolate, this magic mushroom bar has been known to help with stress reduction and depression and even stimulate brain cell growth and increase focus. They’re magically delicious, for real!

  • Delicious marshmallow meets cereal n’ milk taste of Lucky Charms
  • Authentic PolkaDot Bar (hologram logo)
  • Dosage instructions on the back
  • Consume slowly in a safe environment
  • Made with ❤️ in Oakland
  • We are not responsible for the effects of bar. Use at your own discretion


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