Polkadot – Raspberry Muffin

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Polkadot Raspberry Muffin 4 G bar

3 reviews for Polkadot – Raspberry Muffin

  1. Cannavore (verified owner)

    Haha, this old man decided 1/2 way in, “I don’t need to see sparkling unicorns again!”
    I coasted on the edge of tripping for 3 days,.I will buy my 3rd
    “groov-a-lator” next month..
    Oh, and it tastes really good, haha..lotta mojo for the money!

  2. epochalypse

    I second the motion. These are fucking bomb. Perfect for all you corporate or mountain riding microdosers, or as I personally like to enjoy my psychedelics, with all the physicality of objects melting into each other like liquid rainbow Aztec temple melting moon beam jelly, including myself, melting into the Earth. One bar is enough for a really long lasting peak that lasts much longer than boomers usually do. These are INTENSE if you consume an entire bar. It’s not an experience for everybody. Especially with mushrooms vs. Lucy, in my experience, taking a lot can result in a negative feedback loop that can lead one into a really dark place that’s just impossible to escape from without certain people around who are really talented at talking people out of their ego death nightmares. Although personally I like to take entheogens on my own or to go on a spiritual journey with another soul. So just in case things turn out going in a bad direction, or you decide you’ve had enough of the seemingly endless egoblivion, especially if you’ve on your own or relatively inexperienced with high doses of psilocybin, I highly recommend having some benzodiazepines on hand, or if you have access to the Anti-psychotic drug Thorazine, that shit will shut your trip down pretty damned fast. Benzodiazepines will dampen the negative effects as well as the intensity of the physical & sensory effects. But for those who love tripping balls, one bar will take you to wonderland for 8-12 hours (or more if you’re lucky enough to have less experiences with psychedelics & mushrooms in particular), then will gradually bring you back to your giggly, satisfied sense of self & have you joyfully skirting the edges of reality for another dozen hours or so. Which, in my experience, is far longer than eating an eighth or so of mushrooms usually lasts. And they do taste fantastic. I’m unsure if I’ve had this particular flavor, but they’re all delicious, & halfway through your trip, you won’t find a foul tasting chunk of shroomy between your teeth. And of course there’s no need to make a really extra heavy peanut butter and jelly sandwich or s’mores (although I imagine several of the flavors would make amazing s’mores), to choke down caps and stems, or brew some strong flavored tea to mask their foul flavor. And I don’t mean that they’re a passable way to get mushrooms down. They actually taste really delicious.

  3. txfn5.7 (verified owner)

    Tastes really good, I use these for microdosing and it’s completely taken my anxiety away

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