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Indoor Grown by Back Pack Boys

1 review for Zerbert

  1. David Epochalypse (verified owner)

    Zerbert is a terpalicious cross of the classic, proven cut of Blue Sherbert x Zkittlez, in all its fragrant glory. A smack you upside the head indica that has made for some fucking glorious moments laughing until I cried peeping the new season of Rick & Morty. Although, fair warning: I’ve definitely woken up after passing out cold, only to discover a roach & remains of a spliff of this fantastic shit, usually crushed beneath my sleeping ass on at least two occasions. Most interesting thing about Zerbert is she’s a heavy, heady indica, which will knock your ass out smoking a really fat cone to the head, but when you’ve smoked her right, & you’re in that marshmallow Nintendo zone, there’s no couch-lock. At least not in the traditional sense. Excellent shit IMHO.

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